BTC rose as high as 7-week moving average yesterday and fell back due to resistance. The daily line is still in a state of 28500-32500 box vibration. The key support below is still the support around the 28500 circular neck line. At the same time, this area is also the support area of the 200 moving average of the 5-day line. It has been analyzed in the early stage. BTC fell from the high level to the 200 moving average of the 5-day line for the first time in the early stage. Otherwise, it should not directly fall through the 200 moving average of the 5-day line at one time. Later, it will be pulled back and tested to continue, Otherwise, we should stop falling and rebound in this area for a while, and continue to break down after the rebound is repaired. After the sharp fall in the previous may, the price is also far away from the short-term weekly average. During this period of time, the price fluctuates and waits for the average to fall down again. Later, we should continue to pay attention to the support in this area. Once the fall is effective, it is a high probability that we will hit a new low in the current round of major adjustment starting from 69000.

On the other hand, BTC has broken through the support of the black line. From the beginning of May to the current weekly line, it has not been able to stand back. The black line has suppressed 32000. Once the previous history has fallen below, it will generally fall to the yellow line before it stops falling and stabilizes. At present, it is unable to stand up again, so we should pay attention to the risk of killing again later

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