It is reported that the SEC is investigating whether the founder zhaochangpeng of binance, the world’s largest cryptocurrency exchange, constituted an unregistered securities sale during the initial token issuance (ICO) sale of BNB tokens in 2017. Click to read

Golden observation | the probability of the Federal Reserve continuing to raise interest rates high security of crypto investors flocking to bitcoin

The data shows that as the unstable market in recent months continues, the dominant position of bitcoin is soaring. According to the latest data of coinmarketcap, the market value of bitcoin rose to more than 46%, while the market value of Ethereum fell to 17.66%. The last time it reached 45% was in October 2021. It can be said that the market value of bitcoin reached a peak in nearly seven months. Click to read

Understand the multi tier architecture and scaling of Dao

Last year, we saw an explosive growth in Dao activities, with tens of times more funds managed and members involved. At present, the total amount of funds managed in the form of Dao is US $9.8 billion, and 80 Dao organizations manage more than US $1million (deepdao, 2022). Click to read

Many countries show their regulatory attitude towards NFT. Can the NFT market develop “freely”?

With the gradual maturity of NFT market, it has played a huge role in games, fashion, art and other fields. Its importance is emerging, and the attitudes of different countries towards NFT are becoming clearer. Click to read

Exclusive interview with the founding partner of Zee prime capital: unveiling the mystery of the “number one player” in the encryption world

The rise of Zee prime is largely due to the establishment of the influence of fiskates, one of their founding partners. This mysterious figure who calls himself a “risk Communist” sharply commented on the market and social phenomena with very cool words on twitter, and threw out some quite wonderful views. Based on an energy consumption paradox proposed 200 years ago, he correctly predicted that the high-throughput blockchain would eventually be blocked, and predicted the outbreak of the NFT track, which became the key to the continued success of Zee prime.

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