1. to celebrate the 25th anniversary of Hong Kong’s return to the motherland, the digital collection of “Bauhinia flowers in full bloom forever” will be released

Golden financial news: 2022 is the 25th anniversary of Hong Kong’s return to the motherland. Bauhinia magazine and Hong Kong Sichuan Association jointly planned and launched the NFT digital collection public welfare activity of “forever blooming Bauhinia flowers”. 2500 NFT digital collections were distributed for public welfare through free collection, which skillfully integrated the celebration of returning to the motherland with the commemoration of the digital age. It is reported that Bauhinia Flower symbolizes family harmony, beauty and deep affection. It symbolizes family reunion. Hong Kong and the motherland will never be separated. The NFT digital collection of “forever blooming Bauhinia flowers” takes the pictures of blooming Bauhinia flowers as the prototype, carries out digital art processing, casting on the chain, public welfare distribution and free collection.

2.certik:the discord of the boss beauties of NFT series is suspected to have been attacked, and the fraudulent address has made more than 40 NFT profits

On June 7, the security company certik tweeted that the discord of the NFT series boss beauties, which focuses on women’s empowerment, was suspected to have been attacked. The fraud address: 0x3538e35a031b1ad41cc6890749858841192eb7a5 was still frequently transferred in and out of NFT at the time of posting, with a total of more than 40 pieces.

  1. Zhejiang satellite TV will release digital collections soon

According to the golden financial report, according to the official account “China blue news” of the financial media news center of Zhejiang Radio and television group, the digital man studio of Zhejiang satellite TV has been officially established. Under the guidance of the Publicity Department of the Zhejiang provincial Party committee and the deployment of Zhejiang Radio and television group, Xiaoyu, a digital man Valley jointly created by Zhejiang satellite TV and Tencent, is known for mutual entertainment, It is the first high-precision realistic virtual personification with more than 2million faces that can be rendered in real time on the AR real-time stage of radio and television by using the virtual engine in China. In the follow-up layout, Zhejiang satellite TV will soon launch its digital collection, prepare to build a digital virtual technology laboratory, and explore more diverse application scenarios for digital people.

  1. Shanghai postal currency card trading center issues the digital collection of shuiqingxia, the head coach of the women’s football team

According to the golden finance report, according to the official official account of the Shanghai postal currency card trading center (Shanghai Post Center), the Shanghai Post Center will launch the shuiqingxia digital cultural collection of shuiqingxia, the current head coach of the Chinese National Women’s football team and former member of the Chinese National Women’s football team, which includes the photos of shuiqingxia and the cartoon images of wonderful moments, A set of commemorative stamps for the first World Women’s Football Championship (j185). Each collection has Baidu super chain blockchain certification. At the same time, each user who successfully pre purchased the collection will be given a customized gold-plated commemorative medallion.

Defi hotspot

1.optimization: seriously underestimating traffic will improve communication transparency and service redundancy

On June 7, optimization officially wrote an article to reflect on the phenomenon that the high load in the op airdrop caused serious delays in the main network and remote procedure calls (RPCs), and said that the internal team was working closely with partners and infrastructure providers to alleviate the problem and provide claims to all users who tried to access their tokens. Regarding this issue, the problem reflected by optimization is that it greatly underestimated the traffic generated by airdrop, and later found that it was necessary to increase the capacity of public endpoints by 7 times.

  1. The vote on UST de peg collective claim settlement of insurance agreement insurace is now open

On June 7, it was reported that the vote on UST de peg collective claim settlement in the insurance agreement insurace of DFI is now open. The vote will end at 22:00 on June 8. As of the time of sending the document, there were 1.82 million votes in favor and 75000 votes against it. Previously, it was reported that insurace released the UST decoupling report and started the user’s claim settlement procedure. Insurance holders who meet the corresponding standards are eligible to file claims.

  1. The defi aggregator frontier has been integrated into the fantom network

According to the news on June 7, the defi aggregator frontier has been integrated into the fantom network, allowing users to purchase, send, receive and exchange fantom ecological tokens.

Metacosmic hotspot

  1. the meta universe app cytown will be released in the Google play store

On June 7, Google play store approved the meta universe project cytown to release Android apps on its platform. It is reported that cytown is a metauniverse being developed by hancom, a Korean software developer, and Cyworld Z, a social media service. Hancom will launch the cytown metauniverse after completing the integration of its system with Cyworld Z. Cytown metauniverse will build a 3D version of Cyworld Z interactive social platform. Its own economy is composed of dotori, a cryptocurrency issued by Cyworld. Cytown is still waiting for release approval from the Apple App store.

  1. bizverse world, a yuancosmos platform, completed a strategic round of financing of US $1.5 million

According to the golden financial news, bizverse world, a yuancosmos platform, completed a strategic round of financing of US $1.5 million, with defi Asia Capital (a subsidiary of Softbank group), linkcube ventures and deprolabs participating in the investment. This investment will help bizverse improve the innovation of 3D, vr/ar and digital twin technologies, extend to ecosystems and solve real-world problems. It is reported that bizverse world is built based on the 3D map of the natural world based on the “digital twin” and “meta economy” models to develop the digital economy and digital society. With the comprehensive assistance of vr/ar technology, blockchain and Web3, the platform aims to develop new business channels and digital environment for enterprises, so that people can carry out construction activities similar to the real world.

Dao hotspot

  1. the US encryption regulation act is suspected to have been leaked, and Dao, exchanges and stable currency providers must become registered entities

According to the golden financial report, on Monday evening, a group of documents with “embargoed” watermark began to circulate on social media. It is said that the document is the US encryption act. The document shows that Dao, exchanges and stable currency suppliers must become registered entities from compliance. If they are not registered, they are said to be taxed.

  1. Ribbon Dao will issue 3million dollars of debt through the portal finance platform, an online credit platform

It was reported on June 7 that ribbon Dao would issue 3million dollars of debt through the portal finance platform, an online credit platform, to raise funds in the bear market without selling tokens. It is reported that ribbon Dao is the leader in the Dov market and currently manages more than US $170million in assets. Ribbon Dao’s revenue comes from the management fees and performance fees charged by ribbon finance for assets under management. Since october2021, the revenue of the agreement has exceeded $4million.

3.peckshield: the hacker’s address of attacking Dao maker is sent to tornado Cash transfer in 200 eth

On June 7, the peckshield monitoring showed that the hacker’s address to attack the encryption incubator Dao maker was directed to tornado Cash transfers 200 eth. It was previously reported that Dao maker, an encryption incubator, was attacked by hackers in August 2021, and usdc worth 7million was stolen.

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