Served as technical director of Bloomberg; Later, he founded Fuxun Information Technology Co., Ltd. he is not only the founder, but also the president of China. Zhao CHANGPENG also joined okcoin as a co-founder, served as CTO, managed okcoin’s technical team, was responsible for okcoin’s international market team, and quickly established okcoin’s international influence. In 2015, he left okcoin. In August of the same year, Bijie technology was founded to provide fast building services for the exchange. In 2017, he founded coin security and served as CEO of coin security.

Founder / Project Q & A

Zhao CHANGPENG, founder of binance Zhao CHANGPENG, founder of coin security, responded to the reasons and neutrality of coinmarketcap’s ranking update:

Our principle of neutrality is very simple: binance Com (or any other trading platform) will never be “artificially” fixed in the first place. We will strive to use the combination of indicators to achieve the highest data and ranking credibility. If binance Com ranks first, which means its comprehensive ranking is the first; If binance doesn’t rank first, it will knock other opponents down and return to first.

Qian an doesn’t need to give himself a first to prove that he is the first. Only the weak need to prove it. As I said before, without neutrality, CMC will lose its brand and value, which is obviously against me

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Changpeng Zhao

Changpeng Zhao




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