BNB chain developer community is committed to providing top-notch development infrastructure for smart contract developers and helping them build mature and safe decentralized applications. For this reason, BNB chain has previously integrated chainlink price feeds, chainlink verifiable random functions (VRF) and chainlink keepers to bring developers high-quality decentralized market data solutions and create tamper proof WiFi applications; Secure random number generator solution to support blockchain games and NFT applications; And reliable intelligent contract automation solutions to perform Devops tasks in a decentralized and reliable manner.

The BNB chain developer community is very pleased to announce that chainlink VRF V2 is officially released on the BNB chain main network and recommended to all developers who need to use a secure and configurable random number generator scheme. Many new functions of chainlink VRF V2 are developed based on user feedback, and a more powerful industry standard random number generator solution on the chain is built on the original basis. Developers can more easily configure and extend random number requests and greatly reduce costs. After integration, the developers of BNB chain ecology can develop more mature decentralized applications, which can not only ensure speed and safety, but also reduce operating costs and improve flexibility.

If you want to start developing with chainlink VRF V2 immediately, please join the chainlink discipline group and check the developer documentation.

NFT; Support the metaverse function of blockchain games; And ensure the fairness of random reward distribution. The main value of chainlink VRF V2 will be discussed below.

The smart contract application uses the same account balance to recharge multiple random number requests. Each time a random number is requested, the gas fee used to pay the response transaction will be automatically calculated, the currency will be exchanged with chainlink price feed, and deducted from the account balance of the subscription contract, and the gas fee for each request is fixed.

This new feature can significantly reduce the cost of VRF requests, so the project can be expanded faster and there is no need to transfer the cost every request.

Flexibly set the upper limit of gas fee for random number callback

Chainlink VRF V2 users can set the upper limit of the callback gas fee according to the specific needs of the application. In this way, the smart contract can execute more complex logic in the same transaction and transfer verifiable random numbers to the application. Developers can also perform key random number tasks, which can operate normally even when the network is seriously congested, so they can ensure flexibility and reliability to a greater extent.

The maximum gas fee limit of callback can be set to 2.5 million gas, which is more than 10 times higher than VRF v1.

More random numbers can be requested at a time: multiple random numbers can be returned at a time

Chainlink VRF V2 improves the coordination contract. Users can request multiple random numbers in a transaction and transmit multiple random number results in a transaction. This can further reduce the use cost and response delay of VRF v2.

This upgrade is particularly valuable for applications that request random numbers at high frequencies. Users can batch request multiple random numbers in a transaction, and package multiple results in a transaction and transmit them to the application on the chain.

Subscription contract: multiple unified billing addresses

Chainlink VRF V2 can bind up to 100 smart contract addresses. The smart contract can recharge in the same subscription account and request random numbers. The balance of the subscription account is uniformly managed by the administrator.

This will further reduce gas fees and simplify the fund management process for developers. Developers can manage multiple smart contract applications that need to input verifiable random numbers at the same time. Developers can more easily request random numbers for multiple smart contracts, so they can more efficiently develop advanced decentralized applications and request and pay random numbers for all applications.

Chainlink VRF V2 was officially released on BNB chain

35 blockchain random number generator (RNG) use cases of chainlink VRF.

SAMY Karim, head of BNB chain ecology coordination, said: “chainlink VRF V2 enables developers in BNB chain ecology to more flexibly obtain verifiable random numbers on the chain and reduce the cost of obtaining random numbers for them. This integration will enable us to better provide BNB chain ecology with top-notch infrastructure and tools to help developers create powerful applications with rich functions.”

We would like to thank all the following teams participating in the VRF V2 beta test on BNB chain:

Betswirl, Bifrost, black eye galaxy, coin98, destinydao, dexkit, dogeville, elemon, fantasy arena, inuwars, lucky chip, magic beats, polyfight, polyroll, polywantacracker, ridotto, treasurekey and yarloo.

Niki ariyasinghe, head of blockchain partnerships at chainlink labs, said: “We are glad to see chainlink VRF V2 officially launched in BNB chain. Chainlink VRF V2 can better help developers build the next generation of hybrid smart contracts by using verifiable random numbers on the fair chain. Chainlink VRF V2 improves configuration flexibility and scalability, so developers can bring more value to users and better improve cost-effectiveness.

About chainlink

Chainlink has established industry standards for the development, access and sales of Oracle services, which can serve hybrid smart contracts on any blockchain. Chainlink Oracle network can reliably connect smart contracts to any external API, and safely carry out off chain computing, so as to realize rich functions for applications. Chainlink currently guarantees hundreds of trillions of dollars of assets for major industries such as defi, insurance and games, and provides global enterprises and leading data providers with a common portal and one-stop access to all blockchains.

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