BNB ranks fourth in the market ranking with a net market value of US $64 billion. At present, nearly 98% of the tokens are in circulation. Once further supply ends, the demand for BNB currency will ensure the rise of BNB market value. This will create a positive trend for BNB to ensure that no other decentralized players threaten its market position.

With the rapid development of currency safety chain in establishing new transactions, BNB will break out in the next few days. Although market sentiment is essentially consolidated, BNB is a functional token that needs to be respected and has great potential to promote the development of coin security in the next few years. Soon, binance’s success will be measured by the BNB token, which has witnessed the growth of corporate investment.

Currency price analysis

BNB’s integration will hardly affect the overall mood of the blockchain. It needs to break through the price integration between $360 and $450 in order to better trade the encrypted token.

Buying sentiment seems neutral, but it may quickly turn positive or negative according to its breakthrough direction. However, before trading, traders should find information about the future of yuan an coin here

BNB’s trading price is $390, only half of the upper and lower limits of the consolidation level currently under way. It will be difficult for BNB to exceed this resistance level while ensuring that 200 DMA curves remain at the upper limit.

Before challenging 200 DMA resistance, BNB repeatedly missed trying to break through the direct resistance level of $440 because buyers are selling their holdings and enjoying smaller profits. In such a trading scenario, BNB needs to complete its proposed plan to ensure successful response to rising market sentiment.

RSI also fell from close to overbought area to 40 until the mood changed to at least 60. Most buyers will wait for a breakthrough.

US $324 has been a strong support for any downward trend. Last time, it helped BNB rise to US $680 in one month in September 2021.

As the current mood indicates long-term consolidation and less participation of previous investors, breakthrough will soon become the need of the moment.

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