The rise of BNB is mainly related to three things: digital currency issuance platform, public chain and decentralized exchange.

Binance launchpad: Ethereum in coin security

Binance launchpad is a blockchain asset issuance platform launched by coin security. In short, it is an ICO platform. However, most of the previous ICOS raised funds based on eth. Of course, coin security’s ICO raised funds based on its own BNB. Binance launchpad plans to launch at least one new token per month in 2019.

At present, binance launchpad has two projects on the shelves, BitTorrent (BTT) and fetch AI (FET), since ICO is prohibited in China, the binance launchpad is not allowed to be used by mainland users. Many people participate in the rush purchase after purchasing foreign KYC (identity authentication) data. Even with heavy restrictions, it is still difficult to grab the quota. During the rush purchase of BTT, many users only grab the purchase quota of one or two bnbs. However, the users who can be grabbed have gained a lot. BTT has directly promoted the bear market by ten times, giving investors a wave of chicken blood.

Coin security is not only an exchange, but also a blockchain ecosystem. Invest in the incubation project from binance lab, then conduct private placement on launchpad, and finally launch the currency security exchange. Complete one-stop service.

Binance chain: the first shot of platform coin public chain

2018 is known as the first year of the public chain. Within one year, countless public chain main networks were launched, including popular EOS, TRX, AE, etc. But after the main network went online, they all fell out of their new underwear. Last year, the three major exchanges of coin security, Huo currency and okex announced that they would layout the public chain. At present, the demand of coin security for the public chain is mainly used for its decentralized exchanges. Recently, the binance chain test network has been launched. No matter how the application is, this is good news.

Imagine that if some high-quality projects in the future choose to issue money on the coin security chain instead of choosing the mainstream eth or EOS, combined with the private placement of binance launchpad and the user support of coin security, does it have the power to fight with Ethereum?

Binance DEX: decentralized exchange

He Yi and Zhao CHANGPENG have repeatedly disclosed their ideas about decentralized exchanges. Zhao CHANGPENG released relevant news about binance DEX as early as last August.

Binance DEX decentralized exchange has been released. Relying on the technical advantages of currency security chain, binance DEX can handle the current transaction volume of currency security and solve the speed and performance problems faced by the decentralized trading platform.

Why should Qian’an be a centralized exchange to “fight yourself”? At present, the decentralized exchange (DEX) on the market has not yet become a climate. Whether it is based on eth or EOS, the trading volume can not catch up with the fraction of the centralized exchange. As the leader in the centralized exchange, coin security can rely on the huge number of users to drive the development of its own DEX. As the gas (fuel) of binance DEX, BNB’s value will increase if DEX develops well. In the future, coin security will realize the coexistence and development of centralized exchange and decentralized exchange, which will also be the key chain of the whole ecology of coin security.

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