EOS is a blockchain architecture platform similar to the operating system developed under the leadership of blockchain wizard BM (Daniel Larimer), which aims to realize the performance expansion of distributed applications. EOS provides account, authentication, database, asynchronous communication and program scheduling on hundreds of CPUs or clusters. The final form of this technology is a blockchain architecture. The blockchain can support millions of transactions per second, and ordinary users do not need to pay the use fee.

Since the birth of bitcoin, the innovation of the digital money market has not stopped. Wright coin, reborn coin and Diandian coin have been launched successively. However, at present, among the top ten currencies in the market value of that year, except bitcoin, Wright coin and reborn, other currencies seem to have disappeared from people’s vision. The market is always scouring the sand, and those who can stand the test can survive.

Later, a person named Daniel Larimer stood out from many entrepreneurs. Daniel Larimer bitcoin forum bitcoin network name bytemaster, translated as code master.

Seeing that the centralized exchange caused a lot of unnecessary trouble or even went bankrupt due to many human factors, he decided to establish a decentralized exchange, which was later bitshares. Two years later, he left bitshares and founded steelit. The domestic currency was founded based on his ideas. After he left steeit, he started the EOS project in 17 years, and the chapter of EOS began from then on.

The story between BM and Nakamoto has also been ridiculed. At first, BM had many questions about bitcoin on the forum, so he asked Nakamoto, but Nakamoto said: “if you don’t believe me or don’t understand what I said, I’m sorry, I don’t have time to convince you”.

If BM is the top master in the martial arts world, Nakamoto Cong is undoubtedly the peak of the peak. He looks down on the existence of all beings and seeks defeat alone in the digital currency world.

Advantages of grapefruit (EOS)

As we all know, bitcoin only supports up to seven transactions per second, while Ethereum previously only supported up to 15 transactions per second. At the end of 17 and the beginning of 18, the popular cloud cat game of Ethereum network directly caused serious congestion in Ethereum network. In order to make the transaction quick, users had to raise fuel costs to give priority to miners.

Obviously, this processing speed can not meet the growing needs of users. At the same time, the big bull market at the end of 17 also caused the network congestion of bitcoin, making the miners’ fees as high as hundreds of yuan.

It is precisely because of the above problems in bitcoin and Ethereum networks that BM started the EOS project to solve the deficiencies in Ethereum’s inherent architecture design.

http://EOS.IO It is a platform software designed to provide the underlying blockchain architecture for vertically and horizontally scalable distributed applications. It is mainly realized by building a structure similar to the operating system on which applications run. Its goal is to provide a new blockchain architecture platform and a distributed application platform with high performance and high availability for various blockchain applications.

Characteristics of grapefruit (EOS)

  1. Consensus mechanism of BFT + dpos. Eosdawn4 released in BM 0 said that EOS adopts the consensus mechanism of BFT + dpos. Dpos is similar to the parliamentary system in the United States. Each super node is similar to the members of Parliament. There are 21 super nodes in total, which are elected by all people who hold EOS. This “parliament” has great decision-making power over the whole ecosystem of EOS. If a scheme is to be implemented, it needs 15 votes in the super node to be implemented. The reason for Byzantine fault tolerance coupled with BFT is that it can improve the security and stability of the system.

The fault tolerance level of bft-dpos is 1 / 3. Only when more than 1 / 3 block producers make malicious attacks on the whole network, the network may bifurcation. According to dpos, we can calculate and determine which verifiers are responsible for the attack, and then we can destroy their equity tokens and remove them from the network, so as to prevent bifurcation.

  1. The transaction is free. When using Ethereum, you need to pay a certain fuel fee gas when transferring, while EOS has certain inflation characteristics. You can reward super nodes by issuing up to 5% of EOS every year. In this way, users do not need to pay miners’ fees to nodes during transactions. Compared with the miners’ fees of tens or even hundreds of yuan when Ethereum is congested, it is also attractive for users.
  2. EOS software provides a perfect account system, which can help developers quickly develop their own DAPP. If you want to develop DAPP on Ethereum, you need to spend more time developing the underlying modules. At the same time, the technical team spent a lot of time to optimize the process of block construction and application. In the new model, the block is created by the API sequence applied to the block. This ensures that the same code path is followed, and minimizes the possibility of inconsistency between producers and verifiers when confirming whether it is valid.

Grapefruit (EOS) evaluation

According to the Google heat index, EOS is the most popular in China, followed by Germany, the Czech Republic and Switzerland.

Technically, it is supported by industry leaders. In terms of funds, EOS token sales took one year, which can be described as the project with the longest collection time and the most funds. The team can be said to be very rich, and the funds are not a problem at all. The main network will be online in about two weeks. If the scheduled goals can be completed on time, EOS has a bright future.

As a project that has not yet been launched, EOS financing reached US $4 billion, unprecedented.

Once there was a saying in the circle, “in the coin circle, only 10% of people bought bitcoin and only 10% didn’t buy EOS.” Enough to see how excellent the community foundation of EOS is. And this is inseparable from the election of super node. People are looking forward to EOS going all the way to the four digits.

In order to pursue efficiency, BM has long deviated from the track of decentralization of blockchain technology.

In dpos, bookkeepers are not called miners, but witnesses. In EOS, BM invented a new word: block producer, referred to as BP, which is translated as super node. In EOS, there are 21 super nodes. Super nodes need to participate in the election. Only the nodes that win the election can be responsible for block out. In EOS, 21 super nodes that win the election will take turns to block out.

According to the EOS white paper, EOS will issue an additional 1% to the people who maintain the nodes every year (originally 5%, later adjusted to 1%). The total number of EOS is 1 billion, i.e. 10 million. On average, 476000 EOS can be allocated to each master node every year. According to the current price of 100 yuan, each super node can get nearly 50 million yuan a year.

The super node campaign itself is a competition for EOS control, and the EOS super node campaign has gradually revealed the tusks between the major capital interests.

After the launch, the EOS main network did not become a super bottom public chain that can support a large number of commercial applications as expected, but experienced online delays, security vulnerabilities, main network downtime and other problems, and the currency price once fell below 20 yuan.

Grapefruit (EOS) super node dispute

Close to the launch of EOS main network and super node campaign, a big positive line of EOS directly soared to the sky in early May 2018. For the income distribution of super nodes, the document released by BM mentioned that up to 5% of the additional issuance will be issued every year, of which 4% will be distributed by the system recommended by future staff, and 1% will be divided into two parts, 0.25% block reward and 0.75 voting reward.

Among them, the super nodes are divided into 0.25% of each reward according to the number of blocks, and 0.75% means that all super nodes (including standby nodes) will also receive a commission of 0.75% of each ticket according to the total number of votes they receive. This is on the premise that these candidates must be able to get 100 tokens per day. If not, they will not get any fees.

Pay attention to the above part. This mechanism will lead to nodes with more votes during voting, which can get more benefits.

EOS launches educational products

Since the launch of the main network, EOS has been in a silent state. In March 2019, BM made frequent sounds and revealed that there would be heavy news on the first anniversary of the launch of EOS.

BM said it would be EOS The biggest news since Io was born.

If sun Yuchen had not been ignored by the entertainment industry Discipline Inspection Commission, BM would never have found the name of a marketing genius again.

In the following months, BM disclosed information in the telegraph group several times, whether it is the most powerful team or the upcoming heavy products. Every word brings full expectations to market users.

The press conference was scheduled for June 1, 2019, international children’s day.

The first product released by EOS is the blockchain education project, the promotion project of EOS, learning to earn EOS.

The second product released is wasm parser, which will increase the contract speed by 12 times compared with the first version of eosvm released a year ago. After that, EOS launched webauthn authentication service and EOS yubico key hardware products. The former is used for authentication. EOS can use yubico key to sign on chain transactions through webauthn.

There is no doubt that the expectation of EOS’s first anniversary press conference is to bring more confidence to the market through the launch of new products, but the decline of more than 10% during the press conference has shown the reflection of the market.

Looking back on the development of EOS in this year, has it really realized its “finding solutions for free market and protecting all life, freedom and property” as BM wishes?

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