Lidodao is a community that builds liquidity pledge services for Ethereum. Lido allows users to obtain pledge rewards without locking assets or maintaining pledge infrastructure

How does Lido work

Lido constructs the most advanced liquidity pledge agreement to develop the pledge economy

a bet

Lido allows users to pledge their assets for daily pledge rewards. Users can pledge any number of tokens – there is no minimum.


When pledging Lido, the pledge token you forged is linked to your initial shares 1:1. Your pledged tokens can be used throughout the defi ecosystem to increase your revenue.

Decentralized Finance

Lido allows you to use your pledged assets to earn income over income. Use your token (earn daily pledge reward) as collateral for lending, agricultural income, etc.


Lido Dao is a community that establishes mobile pledge services and manages Lido direction. The number of Dao participants is growing every day, and contributors work together to build Lido’s future.

First issue time 2021-01-05

Opening price on the first day $–

Crowdfunding price —

Return on investment 0

Highest in history $ 155.26 (2021-07-01)

Historical lowest $ 0.5014 (2021-03-22)

Initial issue method Mobile mining

Public chain Ethereum,BscScan,solana,terra

Maximum supply 1,000,000,000 LDO

Maximum supply market value $ 2 billion 227 million

Current supply 1,000,000,000 LDO

Current supply market value $ 2 billion 227 million

circulation 312,951,153 LDO

Circulation market value $ 697 million

Circulation rate 31.30%

Circulation accounts for the total market value of the world 0.05%

Listing exchange 21

Number of currency holding addresses three

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