The step app is the first application on the agreement and is built by the core team. NFT economy has ushered in a bull market in various counterfeit currency industries. The most prominent is the dominant position of gamefi and Yuanjie products in most of 2021. The best performing assets last year fit these areas.

Fitfi is in the cross field of manufacturing entities and numbers. By using NFT and geolocation technology, this is the peak of very physical experience (fitness) in the virtual world. An additional feature of step’s fitfi metaverse is augmented reality for a better sense of immersion.

2、 Learn about fitfi

Fitness finance is a market economy in which participants benefit from the value generated by the $100b fitness industry. This is the Web3 version of the digital fitness experience and app.

Web2 allows users to consume fitness content; Create fitness content. It pushes the value generated by fitness content to the owners of these platforms.

Gamefi is a similar peak. Games are a $200B market where people consume and create for the benefit of a few people. Web3 enables everyone to get a piece of the market they participate in. With the rise of gamefi and play2earn, this has become a reality.

Fitfi and move2earn are bringing the huge fitness market to the definition point in the framework of people’s profit.

3、 Leading fitfi: no venture capital

There is a heated debate about the role of VC in Web3. If ownership is to be decentralized, then large institutions may not have a large stake in the agreement.

The community has been crying out for this cause. According to the future of Web3, we are running the initial token distribution with one of the most fair models, instead of providing tokens to VC first, but giving everyone an equal and fair opportunity to join tge activities under the same conditions.

4、 Fitfi protocol

There are already many fitfi products, namely stepn and genopets. Both are built on their native systems. This hinders the output capacity of fitfi experience, increases the development cost, and divides the fitness market into a series of fitfi projects.

Step app has solved the biggest bottleneck and cost driver of fitfi market from the beginning. Third parties can use the step protocol SDK to build in step metaverse.

Ready to deploy geographic location technology, NFT casting and trading functions, user entry, token mechanism and other necessary functions. Any developer, team and even global brand can quickly deploy to make Web3 fitfi applications.

Step app is the foundation of fitfi market. The first mover advantage ensures that the protocol and related SDKs can become industry norms: a strong meta boundary and technology stack provide power for the fitfi economy.

5、 Core play

Step app is creating a game oriented meta universe for the fitness economy. Walk, jog and run to socialize, play and make money. It is the next joint frontier of metaverse and gamefi markets and the embodiment of the physical experience related to metaverse.

Fitness and even simple physical activities are part of many people’s lives. A blockchain product that takes advantage of things in many people’s daily lives is at the peak of encryption adoption.

Get the step app and turn your fitness into a paid social system / / project consultation plus jqsq6868 Weixin / / increase your steps by walking, jogging or running. Compete with friends or strangers, socialize locally or globally, and experience the metauniverse and your physical world in new and dynamic ways.

Step app is launching an early registration campaign to give you the opportunity to get free sneak (earn) NFT. This helps the app get tens of thousands of users before it is released. In addition, step has hired key athletes to serve as the global fitness ambassador for the app. This is a crypto sport that celebrities are proud of because it has a positive social impact by encouraging fitness.

Step also has key advisors, one of whom has completed nearly $1 billion in licensing transactions. We are using our network to obtain IP and brand rights from international brands to make the application attractive to the world-renowned IP fan base.

6、 Features and functions

Step app has a rich immersive, social and competitive experience. The basic purpose is to attract people who experience cryptocurrency for the first time.

Augmented reality: users’ virtual world characters grow and evolve as they complete fitness tasks. Gamification: player to player matching allows people to combine their health with social experiences at the local, regional or global levels. Revenue: users earn revenue by completing tasks, combining their fitness goals with novel revenue incentives.

Social and income mechanisms are combined with powerful token remittances to create a balanced economy. More details are as follows. The application focuses on experience based consumption to ensure that token emissions are offset by leisure consumption.

7、 Team and consultant

Kirill volgin CEO

zerion. Io’s former CFO launched several projects in the encrypted space, such as tokenary wallet (the first NFT wallet and safari extension). Before that, he founded and operated a software development and risk studio company with more than 100 successful cases

Dmitry gordeychuk CTO

symbiosis. Head of finance blockchain, 5 years of blockchain development experience, and a pioneer of defi

Robert vukosa, head of business development

More than 10 years of traditional financial background, rich experience in designing policies, supervising customer service and implementing technical solutions. Robert is a responsible leader with analytical and strategic thinking and is committed to improving productivity and compliance

8、 Token allocation

Step app token economy includes pledge, lock-in, liquidity incentive, repurchase and destruction. These are driven by the demand brought by game welfare and game economic value.

Fitfi token is a governance token. These benefit from ecosystem costs. Kcal tokens are in-game tokens. Kcal tokens are used to purchase sneak and are obtained by running when sneak is pledged.

9、 Game economy

  1. Play income

Micro transaction: non stealth purchase, such as map style, character skin, stealth skin, skin, etc. Buy from a store with a credit card or cryptocurrency.

Betting game: players can play against friends or others. These competition operations can be completed through pledged governance tokens. The winning pool will charge 2.5%.

Championship game: players can compete for their steps on global and regional leaderboards. Winning the tournament unlocks the unique skin and gets a dedicated leaderboard. One ticket is required to participate in the competition. The purchased tickets will enter the prize pool, and the game will charge 5% of all accrued ticket fees.

  1. NFT revenue

NFT Market: all NFT transactions in the in app NFT market need to pay a fee of 2.5%.

NFT sales: limited edition sneaks is released once a month.

Fitfi token value from game economy

Buy back: 50% of the game revenue is used to buy tokens in the market.

Burning: governance can vote to burn up to 50% of repurchase tokens.

Pledge reward: up to 50% of the market purchased tokens are distributed to the pledgor.

Lock: the pledged tokens need a 10 day cooling time to exit. Bypassing this cooling time requires a charge of 12% of the principal shares.

Liquidity incentive: the weight of LP token in pledge reward is 50% higher.

  1. Token value in application

Pledge: pledge tokens and LP tokens can unlock some snake and avatar skins. Avatars are visible on leaderboards, friends and public maps.

Discount: Game NFT, i.e. skin transaction, charges a 2.5% royalty. If players bet on the minimum number of game tokens, they can enjoy a 2% discount on this fee.

Repurchase: 50% of the NFT transaction fee is repurchased in the market, and the Dao can vote to destroy it.

Pledge income: up to 50% of NFT transaction expenses can be used as pledge reward.

  1. Kcal token value from game economy

Casting: Sneak can only be cast with kcal tokens.

Earn: Earn kcal by running while pledging snake NFT.

Pledge: all snaps must be pledged to obtain kcal. The earned kcal is issued in a 10 day cycle. Cancelling the mortgage before the kcal is claimed will burn the outstanding kcal.

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