Undead blocks is a multiplayer FPS Zombie Survival encryption game.Undead blocks offers two tokens to complete its “kill to earn” ecosystem. Undead is used to purchase weapons NFT in undead blocks ecosystem and use it for ecosystem governance. Zbux is the reward currency in the undead blocks ecosystem, supported by undead tokens.

First issue time —

Opening price on the first day $–

Crowdfunding price —

Return on investment 0

Highest in history $ 1.913 (2022-05-05)

Historical lowest $ 1.027 (2022-05-06)

Initial issue method —

Public chain Ethereum

Maximum supply 500,000,000 UNDEAD

Maximum supply market value $ 519 million

Current supply 500,000,000 UNDEAD

Current supply market value $ 519 million

circulation 15,000,000 UNDEAD

Circulation market value $ 15 million 570 thousand

Circulation rate 3%

Circulation accounts for the total market value of the world 0%

Listing exchange 2

Number of currency holding addresses seven hundred and thirty

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