The streamcoin blockchain directly connects the anchor and the audience. Through blockchain technology, sponsorship can be carried out without paying high fees to third parties. Through blockchain technology, you can sponsor streamcoin to the anchor you support anywhere in the world. The audience and the anchor can also communicate easily and directly without the connection of a third party.

Streamcoin is the governance coin of the main network and the token used by the streamcoin ecosystem. At present, it follows the bep-20 standard of binance intelligent chain (BSC), and streamchain (main network. 20) will be converted to the main network after it is listed. Streamcoin users can use strm in terms of mobility mining, sponsorship transmission and node formation in the future.

First issue time 2022-05-06

Opening price on the first day $–

Crowdfunding price —

Return on investment 0

Highest in history $ 77703.32 (2022-05-05)

Historical lowest $ 76.6155 (2022-05-05)

Initial issue method —

Public chain BscScan

Maximum supply 4,520,000,000 STRM

Maximum supply market value $ 1 trillion and 90 billion

Current supply 4,520,000,000 STRM

Current supply market value $ 1 trillion and 90 billion

circulation —

Circulation market value —

Circulation rate 0%

Circulation accounts for the total market value of the world 0%

Listing exchange 1

Number of currency holding addresses 102,246

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