Burgerswap is an automatic market maker (AMM) with governance incentive mechanism on the coin security smart chain.

The burger token is the native bep-20 governance token of the platform. Users can get the burger reward by providing mobility to the platform.

The transaction fee of burgerswap is 0.30%. All handling charges will be distributed to users who pledge the burger token and participate in platform governance.

Burgerswap bridge allows users to transfer any erc-20 assets to the coin security intelligent energy chain in the form of btoken and open a liquidity pool for it.

First issue time 2020-09-25

Opening price on the first day $–

Crowdfunding price —

Return on investment 0

Highest in history $ 29.6576 (2021-05-03)

Historical lowest $ 0.353 (2020-10-08)

Initial issue method —

Public chain BscScan

Maximum supply 21,000,000 BURGER

Maximum supply market value $ 23 million 16 thousand

Current supply 21,000,000 BURGER

Current supply market value $ 23 million 16 thousand

circulation 12,231,953 BURGER

Circulation market value $ 13 million 406 thousand and 200

Circulation rate 58.25%

Circulation accounts for the total market value of the world 0%

Listing exchange 8

Number of currency holding addresses 38,226

Conceptual classification DEX – 3.43% currency security smart chain (BSC) – 3.28%

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