Today, I’d like to share a level-1 project of NFT market, liquid (token LQT). Liquidifty is an NFT cross chain, prediction, NFT trading, NFT insurance and other comprehensive projects based on Ethereum, BSC and flow. The platform aims to bring more liquidity to the NFT market and provide users with more use cases, so as to support more use scenarios of their NFT and avoid the situation that there is no market for NFT held by individuals.

Moreover, liquidifty has no threshold. Recently, some well-known NFT artists have started to create their new works on the liquidifty platform, and collectors have also begun to set foot in the field of NFT. Liquidifty team will strive to build a bridge between collectors and artists and work together to burst out the best potential energy.

At present, liquidifty has obtained the funds led by the famous investment bank au21 and followed by many well-known institutions. With the latest good news, Boca parallel chain trustbase has also announced a strategic investment in liquidifty to jointly build its ecological development. Liquidifty will also develop relevant applications based on subscript language.

The new concept and innovative potential of the NFT track can be called a new and unique field.

LQT went online for four hours, with an increase of up to 75%

Binaryx: decentralized derivatives agreement + gamefi innovative combination

After the outbreak of defi, the spot mode of decentralized trading sector has been tilted by many resources. For the decentralized trading market with strong investment enthusiasm, investors are not satisfied with spot trading. On the contrary, contract products in centralized derivatives trading are very attractive to deep market participants.

On May 7, 2021, binaryx (token BNX) was officially deployed on the currency security smart chain (BSC), which is a relatively hot decentralized derivatives trading agreement recently.

Binaryx protocol is an innovative decentralized derivatives trading agreement. Based on this agreement, traders can conduct various on chain derivatives transactions of Binary Options on decentralized exchanges. At the same time, it supports a variety of innovative on chain derivatives. Capital custody, market matching, transaction clearing and settlement and other transactions are completed on BSC to ensure the openness and transparency of derivatives transactions.

Binaryx agreement pioneers a win-win system in which users gain profits and lose money in transactions, and realizes the dual system of transaction digging and liquidity digging. In addition, its token holder automatically becomes a member of the Governance Committee and enjoys the rights of dividend, commission return and so on. Binaryx team will work with the community to adjust multiple economic forms such as BNX repurchase, destruction and transaction digging mechanism through governance voting, and use the growth effect and long-term development brought by the maximum autonomous management model.

The highest increase of BNX in 12 hours after its launch exceeded 24%

With the upsurge of chain games, binaryx has also launched a MMO RPG meta game with player oriented economy, combat system and scarce tradable NFT collections. The whole ecosystem of the game includes character development and dungeon exploration, combat and life career, farming and dungeon adventure. The game has exquisite pictures and a sharp increase in the number of active people, which is conducive to the rise of token prices.

The development of decentralized derivatives has become a momentum. Various products on the market are entering the next round of upgrading iteration. Binaryx, an innovative win-win system, will be recognized and favored by users in the future.

In order to celebrate the launch of LQT and BNX, coinw will carry out LQT and BNX transactions during the launch period, win 10 usdt and enjoy dividends every day. Users can enjoy dividends every day by participating in the above two currency transactions during the launch period.

If you win, you must be a boutique!

Some time ago, we counted the increase of new projects launched by Yuanying since July. Since each online project is strictly reviewed and screened by professional analysts of Yuanying Research Institute, most projects have a very excellent performance. It is believed that LQT and BNX will continue to create brilliance.

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