Beefy. Finance is a liquidity mining optimizer on binance smart chain, which can use the working capital pool to realize the automation of investment strategy. The platform can help investors interact with various liquidity mining opportunities without frequently viewing and manually executing their investment strategies. The platform continues to explore new methods to optimize strategies to ensure maximum benefits.

BIFI is the bep-20 native governance token of the platform and has the following use cases:

Governance: by holding BIFI, whether in the governance pool or in the BIFI Maxi vault, users have the right to create proposals and vote. Users can vote without withdrawing the pledged tokens.

Mortgage: beefy Part of the fees paid by users of the finance revenue pool are allocated to the secured BIFI token holders in the governance pool and BIFI Maxi vault. Rewards are paid in the form of wbnb and BIFI respectively.

The agreement includes the following main components:

Vaults: vaults is an investment tool that uses a specific set of strategies to mine revenue. Vaults helps to achieve a high compound interest level through automatic investment and re investment.

Strategy: vaults strategy is a modular smart contract that can tell vaults which assets to mine and where to sell them. Rewards are collected regularly, converted into original assets, and then deposited again for compound interest mining.

Barn of trust: by mortgaging TWT or BIFI in vaults, barn of Trust provides users with the opportunity to get rewards in multiple DAPP projects.

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