Bella protocol is the aggregation user interface of the existing decentralized Finance (defi) protocol. It raised a total of $4.5 million through private token sales in August 2020 and sold 6% of the total token supply at a price of $0.75/bel.

The financing of the project is led by Arrington XRP capital and some other investors of Galaxy digital, such as consensus labs, alphabit, coinbene and David Namdar. The project initially focused on community development strategies in China, South Korea, Russia, Turkey and Southeast Asia. Bella protocol aims to simplify interoperability with existing defi protocols and allow users to deploy their assets and easily reap benefits.

Product features

The agreement was incubated by ARPA blockchain project. Bella has created a variety of defi products, including:

Bella liquidity Mining: users can pledge curve, ARPA / usdc, Bel / usdc liquidity provider (LP) tokens and get bel rewards

Bella flex savings: a farming strategy that provides cross platform arbitrage benefits for stable currencies and other cryptocurrencies.

Bella one click: smart portal, which can deploy assets on popular defi products with subsidized gas fees through Bella’s hosting service

1-click enables users to simply deposit and generate high returns through complex arbitrage strategies online or through hosting services. The founders of Bella protocol claim that 1-click is similar to Amazon’s 1-click ordering system. This function is convenient and familiar to users. This is expected to attract a tenfold increase in users using defi.

Bella lending: decentralized loan product supported by LP token and structured financial products.

Bella Robo Advisor: generate customized index portfolio, stable income tokens, and other cryptocurrency assets according to the user’s risk status.

Governance token

Bel is a utility token for the Bella ecosystem, with a total value of $100 million. Part of the trading and service revenue of the platform is used to reward bel members and voters.

Income sources are distributed among:

Bel members and voters

Recommended channels

Operating budget

The bel holder of the project risk reserve (used to compensate the user’s asset pool in case of security events) can enjoy the discount of the service fee. The Bella protocol team plans to launch equity incentives for regular bel token holders to offset the increase in circulation in the first two years. Users who pledge $Bella can vote for potential product upgrades, new versions and parameter fixes

Additional information

The makers of the Bella agreement outlined the current community development strategy. There are several important objectives, in particular:

Conduct a decentralized token auction

The bel token is assigned to the ARPA token holder

Interact with the community on social media

Start Bella’s liquidity incentive program

Future plans also include:

Cooperate with the defi loan agreement to accept bel as collateral

Cooperate with decentralized exchanges to whitelist bel trading pairs

Launch the recommended programs for Bella flex savings and Bella 1-click portal

Bella flex savings integrates with centralized encrypted exchanges and traffic channels to achieve revenue sharing

Include legal gateways to attract more users.

Bella protocol is the first project hosted on the binance launchpool platform. Launchpool is a new program designed to bring decentralized Finance (defi) to binance users. Users bet on cryptocurrency assets including ARPA, BNB and busd in exchange for the reward paid by the newly registered token, in which bel is the first token provided.

Thank you for reading the articles of Q defi rating and Noah Ark team! This article was written by Veronica zubrii and Anton dziatkovskiy, co-founder and CEO of platinum software development.

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