Berserk finance is one of the latest risk projects to join the defi industry. The project is an experimental agreement aimed at revitalizing the decentralized financial industry. Berserk finance combines the functions of $core, $orbs and $yfi, and will not let the shortcomings of these projects limit the user experience on the platform$ The allocation of core adopts the fund pool system with cost and liquidity locking for integration. The governance system adopts the mode of $yfi. The time locking (grace period) function provided by the platform is similar to $orbs. Within two weeks after the asset is invested, users cannot withdraw their tokens from the pool, otherwise, users will be fined by the system.

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However, berserk finance is not a bifurcation of any of the agreements listed above. The platform is a unique protocol with implementation and code. Berserk finance combines the best features of $core, $orbs and $yfi, and develops a powerful defi project for the growing encryption community.

Main features of berserk Finance

$core vs. berserk Finance

The first disadvantage of the $core platform: the platform will lock the mobility of all users. Because users cannot sell their assets on time, users will be locked in the pool.

Problem solution: on berserk platform, users must lock their assets only within the grace period. If the user needs to withdraw his assets within this period, the user can pay a small fine to withdraw the assets. At the same time, only 20% of users’ assets will be permanently locked in the pool.

The second disadvantage of $core platform: users can get rewards from the pool according to a fixed supply. Without any transaction, users cannot benefit.

Solution to the problem: on the Berserk finance platform, the system maintains a fixed annual inflation to solve the problem. Therefore, if a specific transaction is suddenly stopped for any reason, users can still continue to receive rewards from the pool.

The third disadvantage of $core platform: the main fault faced by users on $core platform is that after users add their mobility to uniswap, the mobility is deleted immediately.

Solution to the problem: on the Berserk finance platform, the liquidity has been locked in the smart contract of the capital pool (as opposed to uniswap). Therefore, the liquidity can only be deleted after the grace period.

$yfi relative to berserk Finance

Disadvantages of $yfi: the platform is not attractive enough for new users.

Problem solution: berserk finance will launch plans at any time to maintain the stability of users’ interest in the platform and form continuous purchase pressure.

How to use the $BER token

$BER is the native token of berserk finance$ BER token is used as a reward for users. The token can be used to purchase services and products provided by the platform. At the same time, when holding the token, the user has the right to govern the ecosystem.

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The $BER token is used as follows:

2.5% of each transaction fee and 2.5% of each transaction burning fee will be transferred to the mortgage pool.

In order to solve the problem of unreasonable transactions, an inflation rate of 20% is allocated among users in the mortgage pool every year.

Users can seek rewards from the pool at any time in the form of $BER tokens. However, when allocating rewards, the platform will charge transaction burning fee and transaction fee.

Depending on the number of pledged currencies, users can participate in the voting process on reward issues every week.


Berserkswap is a decentralized exchange launched by the berserkswap team. The function of the platform is similar to uniswap, so the platform is expected to become a new generation of evolutionary platform for the latter. When using the platform, venture investors have the opportunity to raise their tokens in public. Here, crowdfunding is used as an additional income. In addition, like a centralized exchange, users can set restrictions on their purchase / sale orders.

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