Bakeryswap is currently the next iteration of uniswap. Like uniswap, but faster and cheaper. In addition to all of the above, liquidity providers will also receive a bake token reward, from which they can receive part of the transaction cost of bakeryswap and vote as part of bakeryswap governance.

Project introduction

Bakeryswap is an automatic market maker with liquidity mining on the coin security smart chain.

Bake is the native bep-20 governance token of the platform. Users can obtain bake token rewards by providing liquidity to the platform. The bake token can be used to govern voting and collect fee sharing.

Bake token rewards are allocated to multiple liquidity pools, including busd, ETH, BTC, dot, link, and bake to BNB transaction pairs

Bakeryswap charges a 0.30% transaction fee, of which 0.25% will be allocated to liquidity providers (LPS) and the remaining 0.05% will be allocated to bake token holders.

First issue time 2020-09-24

Opening price on the first day $ zero point one three zero nine

Crowdfunding price —

Return on investment + 310.24%

Highest in history $ 8.4798 (2021-05-02)

Historical lowest $ 0.0017 (2020-10-14)

Initial issue method Ido (mobile mining)

Public chain BSC

Maximum supply —

Maximum supply market value $–

Current supply 289,770,788 BAKE

Current supply market value $ 155 million

circulation 193,529,484 BAKE

Circulation market value $ 103 million

Circulation rate —

Circulation accounts for the total market value of the world 0.01%

Listing exchange 22

Number of currency holding addresses 125,610

Conceptual classification DEX – 3.33% defi – 1.09% NFT – 3.05% coin security investment – 4.36% coin security smart chain (BSC) – 2.96%

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