Badger is a decentralized autonomous organization (DAO) project vision. Badgerdao aims to become a community of all outstanding developers and accelerate the creation of various products of BTC in defi applications.

Short term goal: combine more projects, such as curve and harvest, and introduce more bitcoin that has crossed the chain into the Ethereum network into its own protocol. And allocate their own governance token badger by airdrop and mining.

Long term goals: here, badger actually has two goals.

  1. By building a bitcoin version of year (machine gun pool and other aggregate products) to produce siphon effect, badger has become a magnet in Ethereum bitcoin ecology, attracting more bitcoins to enter, and strengthening the speed and order of magnitude of bitcoin across the chain to Ethereum.
  2. Based on the 1 just mentioned, the meaning of badger Dao comes out. It has the control right of the agreement and has the right to decide how to allocate and expand more uses of the temporarily unallocated badger tokens and the subsequent incompletely allocated Digg.

market demand

Each version of cross chain BTC on Ethereum works independently, and each defi project has different support for these cross chain BTCs. A unified platform is needed to integrate these mentioned above, more fully release the value of bitcoin in Ethereum network and attract more bitcoin cross chain to Ethereum.

Project solution

The core product of badger finance is set vault, which can automatically generate revenue from token bitcoin.

Similarities and differences of competitors

Yfi is to deposit the stable currency, Eth and other funds into the agreement, which helps you find the place with higher income in the defi agreement.

Badger is a bitcoin that crosses the chain into the Ethereum network, introduces it into its own protocol, and then automatically obtains benefits.

Market view

Badger introduces more BTCs into the defi ecosystem, especially under its platform, which has a certain prospect. On the other hand, according to the elastic currency from bitcoin, there are many different anchored elastic currencies in the market. It is also a good thing to have one more elastic currency anchored to bitcoin

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