Auto is a revenue mining aggregator on the coin security smart chain. Its purpose is to help users optimize the mining revenue in various dapps in defi.

The project has the following main components:

Autofarm vaults: autofarm vaults is a mining revenue optimization platform, which is committed to providing mining revenue with automatic compound interest at the best interval in theory for defi users, and reducing the handling fee cost through smart contract and revenue optimization strategy.

Autoswap: autoswap is a DEX aggregator that can provide users with the best price in dex transactions. Autoswap splits and directs transactions to multiple DEX to ensure the best price and lowest slip point.

Auto is the bep-20 native functional token of auto, which is used in the following functions:

Network Governance: Auto token holders can participate in network governance decisions.

Platform fee: a part of the handling fee for each call of the earn () contract will be used to buy back and destroy the auto token.

Mortgage rewards: users can get rewards by mortgaging auto tokens.

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