Automata network is a decentralized service protocol that can provide privacy middleware for dapps across multiple blockchains.

By using the latest encryption technology, privacy protection algorithm and hardware based trust, the protocol realizes a variety of purposes, such as anonymous voting and minimizing miner’s extractable value (MeV).

ATA is the native functional token of automata network, including the following online and planned online use cases:

Governance: ATA token holders can create proposals for platform functions and network parameters and vote on them.

Mining rewards: calculate and store ATA tokens that miners earn by running applications and performing tasks for users on the network.

Agreement fee: the user pays the miner for storage and computing tasks.

Geode allocation: users can bind ATA tokens to participate in geode auction.

Witness is an offline voting governance solution of automata network, which is applicable to users who do not want to disclose their identity when participating in governance. In addition to supporting Ethereum, binance smart chain and other EVM compatible chains based on substrate, witness also provides the following functions:

Zero fuel cost: voting is conducted under the chain, so there is no fuel cost.

Chain execution: according to the voting results, the chain contract registered in the proposal creation process can be triggered.

Privacy: users can adjust and choose between different privacy levels from public to privacy (under the privacy level, only the voting results will be published, and the user identity and number of votes will remain hidden).

Delegation: users can delegate their voting rights to another address.

Automata network is developing a MeV minimization solution, conveyor, which aims to create a non preemptive area when extracting and outputting transactions in a determined order. The service prevents malicious actors from: (1) entering a new transaction into the transmitter output due to a signature mismatch. (2) Delete ordered transactions because transactions are broadcast throughout the network.

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