Alpha finance lab is a cross chain decentralized financial platform, which aims to establish a product ecosystem that brings the best benefits to users on the coin security smart chain and Ethereum. Alpha finance lab is committed to the research and construction in the field of defi. Its first product, alpha lending, is a decentralized lending platform that adjusts interest rates with algorithms on the coin security intelligent chain.

Alpha token is the native functional token of the platform. Users can mortgage the token to obtain the flow share of the platform, and the mortgaged alpha token will be used to pay the bad debt of the contract. Alpha tokens can also be used for liquidity mining rewards and governance voting.

Project introduction

Alpha finance lab will make governance decisions in the form of distributed autonomous organizations in the product and financial layers of its platform. Product level governance allows token holders to vote on product parameters, while financial level governance allows token holders to vote on how a series of products in the project communicate.

Alpha finance lab will focus on the following:

Create a sustainable user profit model.

Mitigate the volatile losses of liquidity providers.

Establish a decentralized token trading mechanism with privacy attribute.

Allow fixed rate token lending.

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