Akropolis is a distributed protocol that assists in the establishment of autonomous financial organizations.

project vision

Akropolis aims to provide the framework and tools for building decentralized financial (defi) products to provide borrowing, lending and investment services.

market demand

Akropolis had hoped to create an alternative to the current pension scheme: a way of saving, protecting wealth from inflation and ensuring access to credit and basic insurance; And a banking system that can communicate but does not rely on P2P network in structure. Akropolis is supported by the institutional side from the perspective of more enterprises.

As the team continued to conduct customer research, it was found that pensions, savings, remittances and insurance must be enabled in order to make the product economically viable. Therefore, akropolisos is constructed: a lightweight modular framework for creating for-profit Dao and two current products Sparta & Delphi.

Akropolis aims to provide people with tools to achieve safe savings, growth and self-sufficiency in a future oriented manner, without being restricted by geographical and centralized counterparties, or falling victim to predatory financial operations of various intermediaries.

Market view

Akropolis is a distributed financial network protocol that can provide basic financial services such as savings, investment and insurance for the world without relying on the government, banks or other traditional financial institutions, and can reduce global risks in case of financial crisis. Akropolis can be deployed in any blockchain system with Turing complete virtual machine, and develop and study the interoperability of blockchains, At present, after deployment on Ethereum network, Akropolis parachain is also built on Polkadot network. Akropolis has become the first defi project deployed on Polkadot.

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