Lot is a random adventurer equipment generated and stored on the chain. It is a community driven NFT project. Adventure gold (agld) is the governance token of the location project initiated by the community. All location holders can get the airdrop of agld token.

project vision

Lot aims to let the community control its destiny.

market demand

Looking back at the outbreak of defi, and the emergence of new Lego blocks such as the yield aggregator, triggered by defi Lego blocks such as loans and decentralized exchanges (DEX). This will also happen in the historical process of the development of NFT and meta universe.

Project solution

Lot is an NFT project that allows anyone to cast items representing a group of 8 adventurer themed equipment. These goods have the scarcity characteristics of random distribution.

Similarities and differences of competitors

Generally, NFT projects adopt a top-down approach.

This means that the creator has created some head pictures, game items or art NFTs similar to apes.

Then, the creator expands the ecosystem to bring more value to NFT, which will add value / price to the collector’s collection. Creators create hodl incentives for collectors – increasing the scarcity of NFT. This may be Airdropping another NFT for the holder, and so on.

Lot tries to build its own “LEGO” platform in the field of NFT. It gives players a concept, a seed and a direction. The simple eight characters represent the eight equipment on your body. The following story is created by yourself. You point out a direction to users and circle a community for them. All the rest are created by their own efforts.

This is where lot differs from other NFT projects. Most NFT projects are creators who “build houses”, sell them to buyers who want these “houses”, and air drop “furniture / decorations” to these buyers to increase the value of the “houses” they hold, so as to promote them to be more willing to hold these assets, forming a virtuous circle. And lot is to give players “bricks and tiles” and let them build the “building” they want. This kind of play is not new, but once it sprouts, it will also become one of the most viable projects.

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