Alpine F1 ® The team fan token is a bep-20 functional token designed to revolutionize all BWT Alpine F1 ® Fan experience for team fans. This token makes BWT Alpine F1 ® Team fans can join the team to vote, find digital collections, buy NFT, and enjoy Gamification functions related to fan rewards or experiences.

Alpine is BWT Alpine F1 ® The official coin security fan token of team is used for the following functions:

Current use cases:

Fan voting: alpine token holders have the right to participate in fan related voting activities on the coin an fan token platform.

NFT powerstation: alpine token holders will be able to use the alpine token to subscribe to fan rewards, digital collections, loyalty points, etc.

Platform equity: alpine token holders can obtain platform equity, such as with BWT Alpine F1 on the binance fan token platform ® Team interaction, commodity signing, and BWT Alpine F1 ® Team driver meetings and other experiences.

Future use cases:

Gamification function: alpine token holders will be able to access a variety of Gamification functions on the coin an fan token platform.

Donation: alpine token holders will be able to donate directly to their beloved team and receive loyalty badges.

Alpine tokens are issued as native bep-20 tokens on the coin security smart chain (BSC), which is BWT Alpine F1 ® Team fans offer wider accessibility, more features and lower transaction costs.

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