Plasma network (PLM) was renamed astar network (ASTR).

Astar network is a scalable and interoperable web 3 0’s infrastructure. Astar token is a practical token of astar network, which has the following five functions: DAPP pledge, NPOs pledge, transaction, on chain management and layer2.

Astar network is a multi chain and multi virtual machine DAPP center based on Polkadot. It natively supports Ethereum virtual machine (EVM), webassembly, layer2 expansion scheme and mainstream layer1 blockchain. Polkadot relay chain does not support smart contract in design, so DAPP developers need smart contract parallel chain with superior performance and scalability. In addition, astar also supports multiple mainstream layer1 blockchains. Astar ecology has achieved rapid endogenous growth, and several teams are building decentralized applications including synthetic assets, stable currency, Multi Chain DEX and so on.

Token allocation

Distribution Quantity (ASTR) Proportion explain

Existing users (mainly airdrop) 2 billion 100 million 30% Unspecified

Parallel chain slot auction 2 billion 100 million 30% Unspecified

Institutional investment 700 million 10% Unspecified

Protocol development 700 million 10% Unspecified

team 350 million 5% Unspecified

Market operation 350 million 5% Unspecified

Dao organization on the chain 350 million 5% Unspecified

Parallel chain auction reservation 350 million 5% Unspecified

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