NEXO provides the world’s most advanced real-time encrypted credit line, from $500 to $2000000, which can be used in more than 200 jurisdictions and 45 legal tender currencies and stable currencies. In just seven months, NEXO has attracted more than 170000 users and issued tens of millions of dollars of credit lines to help the encryption community release the potential wealth of its assets without sale. All encrypted assets stored in NEXO are 100% protected by encryption custodian insurance. NEXO is one of the 50 most important companies in the crypto Valley blockchain cluster in Switzerland and Liechtenstein, and cooperates with industry leaders, including bitgo, coinbase, primetrust, trueusd, onfido and coinfirm.

Project introduction

NEXO provides the world’s first real-time encryption support loan, which solves the critical inefficiency problem in the encryption world. So far, in addition to selling encrypted assets, digital asset owners have no alternative to enjoying their encrypted wealth. NEXO’s innovative model brings the best of both worlds to the encryption community – retaining 100% ownership of digital assets while getting immediate cash. Instant encryption support loan is an automatic, flexible and cost-effective way to obtain liquidity, which is guaranteed by the value of customers’ digital assets. The whole process can be completed with just a few clicks. No hidden fees, no capital gains tax, no credit checks. Transparency is ensured by using blockchain technology, smart contracts and algorithm processes executed by NEXO oracle.

NEXO is supported by credisimo, a leading financial technology group that has served millions of people in Europe for more than a decade. Credisimo has always operated under the highest regulatory requirements and the strictest supervision of several European Banking and financial services regulators.

Today, the growing NEXO supporter community and the huge demand for instant encryption support loans are driving the team and its advisory committee to release the value of digital assets from the rapidly expanding token economy, which will change the structure of a $5 trillion market.


Cutting edge technology and process automation are at the core of NEXO’s business model. With credisimo’s more than 10 years of experience in online lending, NEXO is in a great position to develop a top-level solution that extends encrypted lending protected by encrypted assets.

Nexo Oracle

NEXO Oracle is an automated system that maintains all components of business processes. NEXO cards are associated with assets in the user’s NEXO wallet. When making a purchase, NEXO Oracle will confirm your credit limit balance in real time, approve the transaction and send you details in the push notification.

Development of loan contracts:

When setting up encrypted loans, NEXO Oracle is responsible for automatic cash payment, asset maintenance, notification and overall management.

Develop instant data integration:

NEXO Oracle performs real-time asset valuation at any point in time based on data from multiple exchanges. NEXO Oracle collects real-time data from at least six independent resources (exchanges), so as to minimize the overall risk of NEXO and customers. NEXO Oracle also detects real-time changes in asset values and recalculates loan limits. In the case of asset appreciation, the loan limit will increase immediately and automatically.

Development of reimbursement analysis module:

Oracle NEXO automatically records all transactions and further payments. The system will automatically maintain interest repayment and outstanding balance at any time

Amount and latest loan limit.

Development of automated Notifications:

All loan retention actions are automatically performed by NEXO Oracle without any manual intervention – changes in asset value and loan limit; Cash inflow / outflow; Issue a keep and rebalance warning when the minimum encrypted asset limit is reached; The balance of individual account will be updated after calculating the repayment; All relevant information will be included in the management notice and sent to the customer.

Modeling and algorithm development:

In order to ensure the normal operation of the system, NEXO integrates big data analysis, self-regulation algorithm and predictive modeling in NEXO oracle. In this way, NEXO can ensure that the information received from multiple external data sources is used for timely business decisions.

Products and services

Instant encryption support loan

Customers have different financial needs and requirements, and NEXO real-time encrypted loans well understand and implement these needs. One way to receive an instant encrypted loan from a customer is to transfer the same / next day bank transfer to an individual or corporate bank account through swift, SEPA or ACh.

NEXO credit card

NEXO card is a MasterCard with blockchain system. It is required that it must come from the user’s NEXO application to process dollars. Completely free, without any fees or commissions, it is compatible with the user’s wallet, although it does not recharge automatically, which does not charge a commission when trading.

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