Ape is a token to support the next step, which is controlled and established by the community. As a decentralized protocol layer, it will be used for community led initiatives to promote the development of culture to the meta universe. The ape foundation is the manager of apecoin. It is not a supervisor, but the foundation layer that apecoin holders in apecoin Dao can establish.

Apecoin (APE) is a native governance token that enables the construction of ape ecological decentralized community. Ape ecosystem includes bored ape Yacht Club (bayc) and mutant ape Yacht Club (mayc) communities. Bayc and mayc are two of the most popular NFT series on Ethereum.

Project introduction

Yuga labs, the parent company of bored ape Yacht Club (bayc), officially launched the token apecoin (APE), which will be distributed to bayc / mayc members through the application page.

Bored ape Yacht Club (bayc) is one of the well-known NFT collections, which has previously attracted the attention of auction houses such as Christie’s.

Apecoin (APE) is owned and operated by apecoin Dao. Apecoin Dao is a decentralized organization. Each token holder can vote on the governance and use of ecosystem funds. Holding apecoin is the only requirement for apecoin Dao members. The Dao is supported by the ape foundation, which was created to act as the legal housekeeper of apecoin and manage the decisions made by the apecoin Dao community.

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