Origin is an open source platform that can be used to create a decentralized peer-to-peer market. Initially, aiming at the global sharing economy, it allows buyers and sellers of some goods and services (shared cars, service-based tasks, shared houses, etc.) to trade on a decentralized and open network. By using Ethereum blockchain and interstellar file system (IPFs), origin platform and its community participants can be decentralized without traditional intermediaries to create and Book Services and goods.

project vision

Realize real point-to-point business. Buyers and sellers can trade directly without intermediary.

market demand

The development of the Internet promotes the change of the traditional market. People begin to match goods and services online, and the transaction efficiency is greatly improved. Under this trend, numerous Internet market businesses in B2C and B2B categories have flourished, and many famous large companies have been born.

In recent years, the sharing economy market has been successfully verified. Shared markets such as airbnb and Uber allow people to better “sell” some of their assets – house use rights, time, skills, etc. – to obtain economic benefits. However, the existing sharing market has many defects, such as unfair value acquisition, data isolation by private companies, inhibition of potential innovation and arbitrary rule change and review. The decentralized market based on blockchain can well fit this market and solve its problems.

Project solution

Origin plans to build a large business network that:

Transfer direct financial value (listing, trading and service fees) from large companies (such as airbnb, Craigslist, postmates, etc.) to individual buyers and sellers

Transfer the company’s indirect financial and strategic value (customer and transaction data) to the whole ecosystem

Introducing new products and technologies to customers (e.g. creating value for new markets)

Build on an open, decentralized and shared data layer to improve transparency and collaboration

Allow buyers and sellers around the world to do business without difficult currency exchange or tariffs

Centralized companies or governments are not allowed to impose arbitrary and often onerous rules on how to conduct business, so as to promote personal freedom. The origin platform is created to achieve these goals. It envisages establishing a large number of vertical use cases on the basis of standard and shared data through blockchain technology and token incentives (e.g. short-term vacation leasing, free software engineering, rental counseling), and allowing other technicians Enterprises and consumers participate in the establishment, contribution and expansion of ecology.

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