Jasmycoin is a data market project where users can sell data generated through Internet of things (IOT) devices to various enterprises. Jasmy is its native functional token, which is used as the payment currency in jasmycoin data platform.

Jasmy is the native token of the project. The current use cases of jasmy include:

Utilization of data: users will need to hold jasmy tokens to access and exchange user data collected from Internet of things (IOT) devices.

Data Democratization: users can hold jasmy tokens as value storage and accelerate the adoption of data democratization.

The project consists of the following main components:

Data market: a data market enables individuals and enterprises to exchange data safely.

Security knowledge communicator (SKC): distributed user authentication system, which provides users with personal data lock.

Smart guard (SG): allows Internet of things devices to easily and safely register with jasmy network.

Jasmynet: it is a data network that only authorized alliance member companies can participate in.

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